CRC Concepts and Charter

Summarized as of January 28, 1996

Reasons for Existence (formed 1973):

1) Obtain liability insurance at reasonable cost (group rates, and spread over all rallye dates).

2) Resolve conflicts in the rallye schedule, so that no two teams schedule events on the same weekend.

3) Standardize rules regarding:

    a) Things that should never be gimmicked,

    b) Safety procedures.

4) Standardize Classes based on experience (# and type of trophies won).

5) Encourage Protest Committee fairness by mandating inclusion of rallyists who are not members of the sponsoring Club.

Voting Procedure:

* All decisions of CRC must be unanimous. 1 vote is allowed for each member Club.

* Voting members consist of all permanent member Clubs who have put on at least one rallye in the last 12 months, and such other Clubs as may be allowed on a temporary basis by unanimous vote of eligible permanent member Clubs.


Standard Rules:

1. There will be no gimmicks during the odometer check.

2. There will be no gimmicks involving the waiver.

3. There will be no gimmicks associated with pick-up points.

4. There will be no gimmicks with off-course markers.

5. Mailboxes will not be used as physical evidence of road name or number.

6. You must fill in your car license # on your scoresheet.

Standard Safety Procedures:

1. There will be no checkpoints on high-speed roads (50 mph +).

2. When you encounter a checkpoint along the rallye course, pull OFF THE ROAD if possible, on the right side to allow traffic to pass. NEVER stop alongside a checkpoint vehicle -- not even briefly to let off passengers.

3. After completing checkpoint procedure, drive your car beyond the checkpoint area to allow other rallyists to park as close to the checkpoint as you did.

4. If you have car trouble along the rally course, attach a white cloth or paper to your door handle and raise your hood. If you see another rallyist displaying this signal, stop and offer them assistance.


Standard Class Definitions:

* BEGINNER -- Having never won a trophy of any kind based on performance on a gimmick rallye. {Excluding non-performance trophies such as Last Place and Best Costume.} Beginners are eligible for all trophies.

* NOVICE -- Having won at least 1 gimmick rallye trophy, but less than 2

Overall trophies. Novices are eligible for Novice and Overall trophies.

* MASTER -- Having won 2 or more Overall trophies (based on Top 10% Overall). Masters are eligible only for Overall trophies.

* GRANDMASTER -- Having won 2 or more 1st Overall trophies within the same rallye season on gimmick rallyes in competition with at least 1 Grandmaster, OR anyone who chooses to declare himself a Grandmaster. Grandmasters are eligible only for the 1st Overall trophy.

Trophies won on all gimmick rallyes count toward the totals, not just those won on this Rallye Team's events.


Protest Committee:

* Protest Committees must include at least 2 people who ran the rallye, and are not members of the sponsoring Club. The 2 people cannot be from the same car. Nor can they be from the same Club. They must be of Master or Grandmaster class, and at least 1 of them must be from a permanent member Club.

* No limitation is placed on the number of Protest Committee members from the sponsoring Club.

* The Rallyemaster may not attend the Protest Committee, unless requested to answer questions.

* In the event of a tie vote, the Protest must be allowed.

The original founders of CRC manifestly intended that (outside of the above areas), CRC should never interfere in the policies and procedures of independent member Clubs. Specifically excluded from regulation (other than temporary consensus of convenience) are: entry fees, dashplaques, number of trophies per class (except Grandmaster), publicity, starting point, endpoint, and acceptability of gimmicks.